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“Our future is created from the choices we make in every moment”
— Deepak Chopra

Ngā mihi nui kia koutou katoa

Mana Mindset Well-being Wananga

Excellent course that gives you permission to spend time on your own, reflecting and reviewing, focusing and grounding your purpose and setting in place some clear action points to take yourself forward.

GENEVA HARRISON – Entrepreneur

Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga

This wānanaga is a taonga and is a well worthwhile investment into your self and your whanau. Well worth your time and definitely promise a better view of yourself and improvement in relationships from these tools. Thank you for putting together such an awesome package of knowledge and having the skills to deliver it in a manaaki way. The two days allow you time to refresh and make sense of the learning as it is life changing. The follow up session is yet to come and excited with the one on one korero


1-1 Coaching

Initially I signed up to be coached by Tania for her expertise & experience with both retail and online products to help support one aspect of my business – a social enterprise. This quickly developed into my overall business strategy – what to develop, pivot on and let go. I got far more than anticipated – warm rapport, a strategy sounding board, some NLP tips and a range of learnings I hadn’t anticipated. Being an ideas person I liked the practical methods and systems she introduced, to help me amalgamate things whilst encouraging accountability in an encouraging and nurturing way.

Social Impact Entrepreneur, NZ

1-1 Coaching

Tania has been my secret weapon in turning my business around! I lost sight of my brand vision and just felt like I was turning a wheel I knew I needed help and fast. We went on a transformational journey together re-discovering my brand identifying what had changed and where I was now heading I sought to balance the numbers game of my business with the now high level consciousness of consumerism AW is heading into its exciting stuff and I feel that hunger again!


1-1 Coaching

Mana Coaching helped me to explore and clarify my moral compass, to develop leadership surety of where to go and how to go. I have some hard work ahead and still look to Mana Coaching to reconnect to a C-19 Level 2-1 working environment.

LYNETTE WHARERAU, Entrepreneur Hokianga, NZ

Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga

Participating in the Mana Mindset Wananga was amazing! The content and delivery was very thought provoking and insightful. The invaluable insight and knowledge I gained will allow me to re-evaluate, re-iterate, and re-assess where I am in both a personal and professional space so thank you Tania and Ngaia for facilitating such an empowering Wananga. I would highly recommend the Mana Mindset Wananga to anyone wanting to level up in life!


Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga

Going into this wananga I didn’t know quite what to expect. Immediately it was welcoming, open and felt safe. The content was exceptional. Some of it was content I have worked with before, but it was presented in a new and refreshing way – with a beautiful māori context as well – that resonated. I step out of it a beautifully refreshed and new soul than the one I stepped in as 🙂

SONIA THERESE Jewellery Designer,Christchurch NZ

1-1 Coaching

Tania has strength, experience and deep connection to what’s important in this life. She talks straight and listens deeply. Over last two years of working together, she has helped me see myself more clearly, has helped me make informed and holistic decisions about the shape of my life and work. Through our work together, I am sharper, more focussed and more in tune about what’s the right path for me. Thanks Tania.


1-1 Coaching

“From Tania I have learnt that it is OK to dream Big, that I can make it and succeed at it. I am now running my dream business. Thank You!”

VERONICA GAYA, Conscious Transformational Travel, SPAIN

An amazing wananga filled with incredible light bulb moments, I would totally recommend this for any person who is on a journey of self discovery. Its all about you!!!

JO KIRO, Insurance Advisor

Mana Mindset would be one of the best professional development courses that I have been on in terms of health and wellbeing. Tania and Ngaia are professional, caring and mindful of everyone’s needs. They give time to reflect, ask questions and write thoughts down. Having follow-up sessions already booked in keeps us focused and to do the follow-up review of the course.

The Mana Mindset booklet was great to have electronically as we could type ideas, reflections and thoughts in quickly. They created a very safe space to share.

Ngā mihi aroha ki a kōrua.


I am very grateful for this journey of self discovery and well being. Tania & Ngaia were professional and empathetic in their approach. They both created a safe space for sharing their valued knowledge and experiences with us all. This helped me to feel warm and safe to share my own experiences, thoughts and highlights. I look forward to sharing my journey & enlightenment with them both in our private wrap around sessions with them. To be able to share this wanaga with my partner & wahine toa who actually invited me to share in this journey with her; I look forward to working together and applying this learning both in our personal and work lives.

JAMES TASMANIA, Insurance advisor

I benefitted from this wānanga in so many ways, I enjoyed my time immersed looking into my mind and I already feel like I have more clarity in my direction, with the tools I have been given to set bigger goals to reach them.


Mana Mindset Well-Being plan has given me a great starting platform to begin working on and developing my business to lead me to a purposeful and vision driven life, that is thriving with positive and successful outcomes….


Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga

Rawe..very timely for me in the season I am in..weaving pathways


Participating in the Mana Mindset Well-being filled up my wairua. I got heaps of great tips to support me and I even found my buddy for my weight goal!


Loved the mindset coaching it definitely put me in the right head space for the next phase of my life!


Mana Mindset is a gentle wananga that allows you to focus on your own wellbeing.

LYNN DICK, Wellington, NZ

#He rawe – Awesome Mana Mindset Workshop which inspires confidence in all attendee’s (live in and with love) and provides framework and learning for you to transform and be a better YOU.


Mana Mindset Well-being Wananga

This weekend was the reset I needed for myself, to ask myself the questions noone else has (including me) and always referencing it back to Te Ao Māori and Te Whare Tapa Wha. Being in the space of others passionate to be here, gave me so much energy. I feel powerful beyond measure, watch out world!


I thoroughly enjoyed the focus of the Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga. It has helped me refocus and centre myself. I feel that by resetting and refocusing I will be able to run my business with the ethos I live my life by and leaving a long lasting positive imprint on this earth.


Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga. It came at a great time for myself and my pakihi. With Matariki around the corner, the wananga helped me to reflect and plan at a much deeper level. It’s given me a set of tools (some familiar, some new) I’ll use to process some learnings about who I am as a business leader and one who is running a kaupapa-led pakihi Maori. Of equal value was being able to take time out of a busy schedule to do this mahi.

LISA WIPANI – Designer

Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga

“Uplifting, supportive and empowering kaupapa to help refocus and evolve with amazing facilitators”

Tania Niwa, Photographer, Taranaki NZ

Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga

A well presented course with relevant material for self growth in this current time

Angela Collins, Matakana Village, NZ