I was fortunate to work with Temuera Morrison several years ago as his coach. We travelled to LA and I assisted him during his Star Wars celebration where he effortlessly and generously gave autographs to his numerous fans. It was an incredible experience to work alongside a talented person.

Not many get to see him in his element behind the scenes. I have to say he is a great man. What I experienced was whanaungatanga and a proud Maori man working in a craft that he loved.

He spent a day learning script in preparation for an audition. He was respectful to every human being he was in contact with. I was proud to work with him. It was some time ago but the memory is vivid.

Being brave to travel to an international event with a client that has a high profile took me out of my comfort zone. it stretched me working alongside Temuera.

It showed me to trust in myself and my ability to do my job. It was a great experience and memories I will treasure for a life time.