Mana Mindset Well-Being Coaching

Once you know what you want and believe in it, it is about trusting in the process and consciously focusing your thinking on it


MANA is a Maori (Indigenous culture of New Zealand) word being the extraordinary power, presence and charisma that you see in a person who is in flow when all life is enhanced and invigorated. Having inner strength, calm and knowing. It is an egoless, self aware, self assured confident way of being.

Mana Mindset Well-being Coaching is designed for you to develop a personal well-being plan.

The journey of the coaching focuses on: Personal Identity; Beliefs; Anchoring; Vision; Goals; Values Process; Purpose; Communication tools and rapport exercises for developing deeper level of connection and integration of all parts into your well-being plan.

1-1 personal coaching via zoom.

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“Uplifting, supportive and empowering kaupapa to help refocus and evolve with amazing facilitators” Tania Niwa, Taranaki

“A well presented course with relevant material for self growth in this current time” Angela Collins, Matakana Village

“Enjoyed the learnings, had some good conversations and came out with extra knowledge I can take with me on a daily basis I can also teach some of these tools to my children” Wilamina Kem, Rotorua

Poipoia te kākano kia puāwai 

Nurture the seed and it will bloom.
We all need love and care to fully realise our potential.

Poipoia te kākano kia puāwai 

Nurture the seed and it will bloom.
We all need love and care to fully realise our potential.

Coaching 1-1

Via online calls
1-2 hour sessions

Coaching Reconnect x1 off

One off meeting with focused intention. Ideal for those clients that we have a history together. Meeting tailored to suit you.

Tailor Made to suit you

Coaching package to suit your needs. Initial consult to determine your outcome and collaboratively design a coaching plan for you.

Our Coaching Commitment


Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking process that inspires clients to achieve their personal and business development goals.

I will ask questions in order for you to discover your answers for your personal and/or business development.

I actively listen to understand the essence of your communication by observing not judging and asking you questions to build awareness about your core beliefs, values and what it is you truly want in life. Discovering what limiting beliefs are holding you back and creating new empowering conversations to move you in the direction of your inspiring vision.

I will at all times respect your perceptions, your learning style and personal being while supporting you with absolute integrity, honesty and sincerity, always being present to you with a style that is open and flexible.


Coaching is conducted via telephone, zoom, skype, messenger or face to face with social distancing.

Meetings are one hour unless agreed otherwise. The contract term is as agreed.

Payments are paid prior to meetings.

All communication is strictly confidential.

All records of our coaching meetings are stored in a secure place either electronically or written.

If meeting times need to be changed please reschedule asap.

At the end of our coaching agreement a testimonial would be greatly appreciated.

Referrals are always welcome.