Good magazine is a read that I thoroughly enjoy and in fact is the only magazine that I subscribe too. So it was a great pleasure and challenge to tick off one of my personal goals and write an article called “Be your own life coach” – setting yourself up for success and the space to dream.

It seems only fitting to remember to share this with you during yet again another L4 lockdown in Auckland, NZ. Covid has tested many things for many of us. How we each choose to accept and settle into the current reality determines our experience. I for one have had quite a journey this time around.

I have Mana Coaching and Unity Collection businesses.

My gallery, Unity is closed until L2 and that impact is quite a significant one to carry. However as I watch my savings shrinking while I cover the operation costs I am staying focused on my vision and goals, trusting that this too will pass. Re-reading my article in GOOD was a welcome reminder.