My style isn’t prescriptive or cookie-cutter, it’s organic.

Tania Rupapera

Ko Ngāti Kahu, Ko Ngā Ruahine ngā Iwi
Ko Puwheke, Ko Taranaki ngā Maunga
Ko KariKari, Ko Kapuni ngā Moana
Ko Mamaru, Ko Aotea ngā Waka
Ko Haititaimarangai, Ko Waiokura ngā Marae
Ko Tania Rupapera ahau

Mana Coaching founder, director, coach and facilitator.

Tania is an experienced coach and facilitator with more than 20 years’ experience working with entrepreneurs and start-ups.

She is an INLP certified practitioner, a Te Aka coach for MWDI and a former co-facilitator of MWDI Hineboss, a business development programme. As well as other coaching and facilitating contracts with Māori organisations, she has private coaching clients throughout the world from all walks of life and industries.

Tania is the creator of the Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga, a 2day online programme designed to equip you with a well-being plan. It is a personal development journey focused on building your self-awareness. More Info.

Through her style of coaching she is acknowledged for helping those she works with gain clarity on what they want in life, and how to consciously design a quality lifestyle.

Tania is passionate about coaching, facilitating and connecting with the intention of opening minds and growing people.

She thrives on the journey of collaborating with entrepreneurs to develop their business and is known for her energy, enthusiasm, support and challenge, powerful insight and intuition.

She has studied with various international philosophers including Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr John DeMartini, Tony Robbins and Dr Richard Bolstad.

Tania is also the owner of a highly successful business UnityCollection, a contemporary Māori Gallery showcasing design, art and fashion in the heart of the Matakana Village, Auckland New Zealand. Curating leading Māori creatives, sharing visual story telling and empowering entrepreneurship and economic development.

Born and raised in Taranaki, New Zealand, Tania values her lifestyle and quality time with her son, being present to the small things, travel and experiences.

Parallel to her work in the field of coaching, she was the director of an award-winning high fashion retail business Unity in Wellington for 15 years. Over that time she mentored start-ups, judged young designer competitions, travelled internationally for fashion shows and was the buyer of New Zealand & International brands.

After selling her business, she travelled extensively throughout Europe for five years primarily based in Spain, before returning to New Zealand and settling in Matakana where she successfully re-imaged the Unity concept and opened her contemporary gallery.

Tania’s Qualifications

  • NLP Practitioner (IANLP)
  • Time Line Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certification (IANLP)
  • Get Published and Speak Up (IANLP)
  • Syncrodestiny, Deepak Chopra M.D. Sydney
  • The Breakthrough Experience – Dr. John F. Demartini

  • Unleash the Power Within & Date with Destiny, Anthony Robbins, Australia
  • Adult Education & Training NZ Environment NZQA Facilitator
  • NZ Certificate in Cookery (Level 3) NZ School of Food & Wine
  • Massage Therapist Relaxation (Escula De Massage Olesma – Mallorca Spain)
Ngaia Toroa Cruden

Toroa Ngaia Cruden

Ko Ngāruahine, Ko Taranaki ngā iwi
Ko Taranaki te Maunga
Ko Kaupokonui te Awa
Ko Ngati Tu te Hapu
No KeriKeri ahau

Ngaia has spent the greater part of his life being a first responder.

That comes with more than 20 years’ experience in the fire service and has required him to not only fight fires but to be there for people at what is often a traumatic time in their lives.

Offering strength, kindness as well as a non-judgemental and empathetic ear so that they feel safe, comforted and heard.

What he’s loved most about his work in fire and emergency is helping people and making a difference where he could. He is now doing that through coaching, and it is not surprising that his path has led him here.

What lights him up is the possibility of helping people – men especially – to rediscover their pathway to living their best life with intention and purpose.

Through empathetic leadership he believes our men can lead quality lives through awareness of their vision, values and beliefs. Developing deeper levels of communication to enhance better relationships with their partner, children, whanau and community.

In addition to his experience as a first responder, he worked in many industries including music, art design, construction, landscaping, gardening, teaching, dairy, youth worker and as a head chef.

He is also a qualified INLP Practitioner, Hypotherapist and Time Line Therapist.

He believes every individual has their own pathway in life and as a coach his role is to be an impartial and positive guide to help you determine what is best for you, supported by science – based strategies to get there.

Toroa’s Qualifications

  • NLP Practitioner (IANLP)
  • Time Line Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certification (IANLP)
  • Qualified Fire Fighter (QFF)
  • Perth Hospitality Professionals – Chef Certificate
  • NZ Music Commission – Mentor

Mana coaching clients are from all around the world.

It’s inspiring connecting with people from all walks of life, cultures and industries; including professional sports, yachting, entertainment, fashion, arts, creative, teachers and well-being.

I thoroughly enjoyed the focus of the Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga. It has helped me refocus and centre myself. I feel that by resetting and refocusing I will be able to run my business with the ethos I live my life by and leaving a long lasting positive imprint on this earth.



Before my 1-1 coaching I was feeling tired, a bit negative and just overwhelmed with life. Through coaching I really nailed a part of my life that had, had me doubting my ability. I came out feeling uplifted and alive. Even four days later I am feeling that I do make a difference, more connected with my family, with tons of energy



I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Mana Mindset Well-being Wānanga. It came at a great time for myself and my pakihi. With Matariki around the corner, the wananga helped me to reflect and plan at a much deeper level. It’s given me a set of tools (some familiar, some new) I’ll use to process some learnings about who I am as a business leader and one who is running a kaupapa-led pakihi Maori. Of equal value was being able to take time out of a busy schedule to do this mahi.


LISA WIPANI – Designer

Business Leader Coaching

Through self-leadership and self-awareness you develop your leadership style. Clearly define what you want for your business vision, USP, style of conscious leadership, values, purpose and your company culture. Learn communication tools to enhance your connection to lead and motivate your team.

Well-being Coaching

The purpose of this coaching is to enhance your personal MANA. It is an extraordinary power, presence and charisma. When in flow all life is enhanced and invigorated. Well-being coaching is designed to equip you with a well-being plan to empower YOU to be, to do and to have what you want for your LIFESTYLE.

Mana Mindset Well-Being Wānanga

The wānanga is designed to equip you with an empowering well-being plan. This personal development journey focuses on self-awareness through identifying your beliefs, understanding your core values, designing a purpose focused vision, setting goals, and re-identifying with self.