Consciously create what you want

Through coaching you gain clarity, motivation, flow and fulfilment. By overcoming limiting beliefs, enhancing self-confidence, and creating an action plan, you unfold a life of purpose & passion that you truly want to live.

Now is the moment to stop, think, breathe and make decisions based on your core values to consciously create the lifestyle & business culture that you want.

Business Leader Coaching

Through self-leadership and self-awareness you develop your leadership style. Clearly define what you want for your business vision, USP, style of conscious leadership, values, purpose and your company culture. Learn communication tools to enhance your connection to lead and motivate your team.

Well-being Coaching

The purpose of this coaching is to enhance your personal MANA. It is an extraordinary power, presence and charisma. When in flow all life is enhanced and invigorated. Well-being coaching is designed to equip you with a well-being plan to empower YOU to be, to do and to have what you want for your LIFESTYLE.

Mana Mindset Well-Being Wānanga

The wānanga is designed to equip you with an empowering well-being plan. This personal development journey focuses on self-awareness through identifying your beliefs, understanding your core values, designing a purpose focused vision, setting goals, and re-identifying with self.

Tania Rupapera

Mana Coaching founder, director, coach and facilitator.

Tania has been coaching now for two decades, integrating her experience, education and intuition, to coach you to gain clarity on what you want in life. She is passionate about coaching, facilitating and connecting with the intention of opening minds and growing people.


Vision – to inspire confidence and conscious thinking.

Mission – to inspire you to align your vision with your values, to consciously create the lifestyle you want.

Core Values – inspiration, integrity, intuition, connection, whanau, whenua, wairua.

“Coaching comes naturally for me, after years of integrating all that has been woven into the fabric of my core being. I simply trust in myself and in my ability to know what to say and when to say it.”
Tania Rupapera

Mana coaching clients are from all around the world.

It’s inspiring connecting with people from all walks of life, cultures and industries; including professional sports, yachting, entertainment, fashion, arts, creative, teachers and well-being.

1-1 Coaching

Tania has strength, experience and deep connection to what’s important in this life. She talks straight and listens deeply. Over last two years of working together, she has helped me see myself more clearly, has helped me make informed and holistic decisions about the shape of my life and work. Through our work together, I am sharper, more focussed and more in tune about what’s the right path for me. Thanks Tania.


Mana Mindset Well-being Wananga

Excellent course that gives you permission to spend time on your own, reflecting and reviewing, focusing and grounding your purpose and setting in place some clear action points to take yourself forward.

GENEVA HARRISON – Entrepreneur

Mana Mindset Well-being Wananga

This weekend was the reset I needed for myself, to ask myself the questions noone else has (including me) and always referencing it back to Te Ao Māori and Te Whare Tapa Wha. Being in the space of others passionate to be here, gave me so much energy. I feel powerful beyond measure, watch out world!


Unity Collection